Lack of internal analytical resources has become ubiquitous in many companies and financial institutions. The consequence is that analyses don’t get done on time, which leads to financial losses, regulatory issues, and overworked staff.

Why not outsource the analysis of selected corporates to a trilingual expert with international experience on a top level?

Benefits of such outsourcing are:

  • Timely delivery of analyses at a pre-agreed schedule
  • Competitive pricing which enables cost savings
  • Staying in compliance with regulatory requirements
Making strategic decisions is possible only with detailed information, so all our credit analyses include the following elements:
Overview of the key weaknesses and strengths of the analysed company.
Insight into the industry risks and the macroeconomic environment in which the company operates.
Analysis of the company's competitive position through the assessment of its market position, concentration risks, and operating efficiency.
Assessment of the company’s financial risks, including the analysis of cash flow generation capacity in relation to the level of leverage, liquidity, capital structure, and financial policy.

Overview of the company’s adjusted financial statements for the last 5 years.
Financial forecasts for the following 1-3 years including different scenarios.
Credit rating* of the company, including the rating scorecard.
Follow-up (video-)call or e-mail exchange to answer your questions.

* Corporate Credit Rating is not a credit rating defined according to the regulation applicable to external credit rating agencies. As is not a regulated credit rating agency, it provides exclusively private credit ratings .

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